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(From http://bp-or-not-bp.org/) - "On Sunday, BP or not BP? pulled off our most ambitious performance to date. Two hundred performers – dressed in an amazing variety of home-made ocean-themed costumes – took over the British Museum’s Great Court with an hour-long, multi-act, musical performance to flood the museum’s dirty sponsor, BP, out of the space. The unsanctioned theatrical action culminated in a climactic battle with a 40-foot BP-branded sea monster that we managed to smuggle into the museum.

We were there in response to BP’s controversial and ironic sponsorship of the museum’s current ‘Sunken Cities’ exhibition, and to challenge the museum’s decision, in late July, to renew its sponsorship deal with BP for another five years. This unpopular new deal – set to start in 2018 – would see the British Museum continuing to promote a climate-wrecking oil company until 2022. This decision looks even more farcically irresponsible in the face of new research from Oil Change International: their latest report confirms that to keep global warming below two degrees we must halt all new production of oil, coal and gas, and begin to phase out existing sources, putting the fossil fuel industry into “managed decline”.

The idea that a publicly-funded national museum could still be providing PR for a fossil fuel company into the 2020s is ridiculous enough, even before you consider the name of the latest BP-funded exhibition: ‘Sunken Cities’. By lobbying against climate laws, blocking clean energy and pushing to drill for ever-dirtier sources of oil, BP is doing more than almost anyone to push us into climate disaster and create the sunken cities of the future.

The exhibits on display have been recovered from two lost Egyptian cities, just along the coastline from Alexandria – one of the world’s most at-risk cities from rising sea levels. The cities were discovered near a spot where BP is drilling offshore for gas, thanks to its close relationship with the repressive Egyptian military regime, who brutally silenced the local community’s opposition and allowed the oil giant to proceed."

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