Substance Designer

This is an image journal of my learning in Substance designer, it is an amazing tool that really does get your creative juices flowing through being able to create textures from the microscopic origins through organic compounds into realistic looking human made items.

One of the great things about Substance is its ability to mix textures, here you can see me experiment with mixing wood beams with straw and mud to show wattle and beam architecture and also, clay, manufactured tiles succumbing to moss and lichen!

This is a personal project of mine to get to grips with the Unreal Engine, I've always been fascinated by the 16th Century and what the effect of the renaissance meant for those in England, here I've created buildings in 3D Studio Max and Blender and textured them in Substance Designer before importing them into Unreal and incorporated some third party props and particle systems to give more of a sense of 'life' to the scene.


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