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Warhammer Online was my first 'Propper Job' out of Uni, in Nottingham, Games Workshop's hometown, the company were trying out the 'Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game' medium. Always having been a fan since being bewitched by the cover of White Dwarf magazine when a lad (their monthly rundown of new fantasy miniatures and games) I was happy to achieve any position within their ranks. My skills with 3DSMax put me apart fromthe competitors and I achieved a roll within their marketting department, creating snazzy images using 3D models created by the developers, Climax.

My main job was to create images, films and animations to demonstrate and show off different aspects of the game. I used 3DSMax to pose and animate art assets and render them out to use on the web and send to press partners to support the evolution of the game.

I used Photoshop to pollish imagery and integrate logos and text into infographics and posters for release on roadshows and events.

I used Premiere to finish and compile the materials into promotional images and videos, as well as animated turntables and demos on the webiste.


I created exclusive art assets for the newsletter and helped the website manager to create copy - at one point we decided to create an introduction comic that ended up featuring in Games Workshop's own White Dwarf!

It was my pleasure to work in such a close knit team, with the developers and community managers often sharing ideas and sharing a corridor with childhood hero and head developer Rick Priestley!

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